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Lightning Base ReviewYour choice of web hosting can make or break your credibility online. The quality of your content and web design will not matter, even one bit, if visitors cannot reach your website. This is a reality – a cold truth that many website owners had to learn and discover, the hard way.

With its amazing list of benefits, WordPress powers most of the existing websites and blogs today. For any WP website to be a success, partnering with the right managed WordPress hosting is crucial. Read on as we highlight why Lightning Base Managed WordPress Hosting is the webhost of our choice, and why it should be yours too.

Every Second Counts: Slow Page Response Equals Page Abandonment

Lightning Base is fairly young but has consistently been commended for great quality hosting since its launch in November 2011. As the name suggests, one of the edge that client websites have over others is the amazing page loading speed. Many researches and surveys have long since proved that for web visitors, loading time holds more value over all the bells and whistles that could possibly be incorporated into a webpage. And chances of your awesome design and content being read and appreciated get slimmer as more time is needed for your pages to load. To top this, page load times has become significant to website ranking.

High Performance Managed WordPress Hosting Solution Comes at a (Low) Price

Technology has paved way for a performance revolution, turning cost equals quality obsolete. For a fraction of the price of other hosting service providers in the market, Lightning Base offers premium hosting setup for all plans starting from the Personal Plan at only $9.95. Switching hosts has never been easier with Lightning Base’s free site setup and migration that comes with this premium setup. You’d be amazed at how fast and accurate Chris could manage this – completed in a matter of hours, maintaining the old server settings or tweaked as required. Other factors that heightens performance and user experience include:

  • Security – widely used, WordPress is often a target for hackers and with this in mind; Lightning Base has been equipped with comprehensive firewalls. Security scans are performed regularly and individual user filesystems are hosted separately.
  • Stability – servers are all Linux-based, running a combination of software customized to maximize WordPress setup compatibility. Built with modern Xeon processors and SSD based storage, downtime and hosting problems are minimized.
  • Automatic Backups – scheduled backups run regularly, storing up to 30 days of website data from the database, and all directories and files.
  • Global CDN – state-of-the-art content delivery network makes for enhanced capacity and performance.

Quality Customer Service and Impressive Tech Support

For many who have switched to Lightning Base Managed WordPress hosting, it was the prompt and friendly customer service and support that became the deciding factor. With this WP hosting service, gone are the days when you have to submit numerous tickets and wait for days and weeks for support to really pin down and hopefully give you a solution for your problem. And not only is Lightning Base’s customer service and tech support courteous and prompt in responding to questions and problems, it is also very knowledgeable and dedicated to help you solve whatever (unlikely) issue you may be having with the service.

Lightning Base Managed WordPress hosting is something that all website and blog owners should try. Many who have switched or have selected this service for a startup website have attested to the quality performance of this WP host by becoming loyal clients. Thinking of switching or wanting to know which host is best for your new site? Look no further than Lightning Base that offers everything you need in a web hosting service at a price you can easily afford.


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